Alright Y’all

In 21 days I’ll be flying from Alabama to Provo, UT and then to Denver, CO. Whoah! I still can’t believe that I’m going to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am so excited! My mom will be keeping up the blog for me while I’m gone, hopefully.
For now I’m doing all that I can to prepare myself for the mission: studying Preach My Gospel, reading my scriptures, exercising, going out with the sisters nearish to me, shopping, and making that ‘Early to bed, Early to rise’ thing a reality.

My biggest concerns are:
Is anyone, besides my boyfriend, going to write me?
Is the MTC really that scary?
Can I seriously fit everything into a few suitcases?
How are they going to react to my “accent” over there?

Is my trainer going to be awesome?
Am I actually going to freeze my butt off? (I think, yes.)


2 thoughts on “Alright Y’all

  1. Congratulations Sister S!!! I had not met anyone from Alabama until your brother landed in my home in San Clemente Calif! I would have NEVER dreamed my son Elder Del Francia would end up in Selma Alabama!!! The Church is full of these AWESOME coincidences! Ha! I’m SO excited for you! My Elder is HOME in 25 days!! Your time will also fly by!!! I have LOVED the Sister Missionaries! Your brother served with a few! Good luck to You! I’ll write you!!
    Laurie Del Francia

    • Thanks Laurie, I can’t believe your Elder will be returning already. Time just gets away. We would love to see him again before he goes home but if not tell him we are so proud of him. Love Carla

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