February 18th

Hello All!
This past week has been SO busy–We had zone conference and it was awesome. Plus I got to see Sister A and Sister H. Super spiritually awesome. And the Elders that share the area with us ( and B) won the award for the dirtiest car! SO not surprised. They’re a hoot though.–We had exchanges = AMAZING. I went with Sister H to the Green Valley ward and it was such an amazing experience. She’s a Sister Training Leader for a reason and that reason is because she’s wonderful. Seriously. She helped me SO much and I really know why I’m in Buckley with Sister W now.We had a follow up training meeting and guess what! I got to see Sister A, Sister H, Sister W, Sister M, Sister S, and Elder D! (I met all of them in the MTC and I LOVE them because they’re AWESOME.)  And Sis. A, H and I went to Chipotle’ (sort of like Moe’s) with our companions and we found an investigator while there because we’re legit like that.We had a baptism! M got baptized and the spirit was SO strong!Sunday we actually got to stay for all of church and it was super great. The saddest part about Sunday’s though is when you go and the Less Actives and Investigators you invite aren’t there. Gosh, it’s the worst. We know that they know that they need to be at church… I just wish I knew what was REALLY the problem.So it was a really busy week, I LOVE Colorado so much! The Lord knows me better than I know myself, who would’ve thought? d; Seriously though. The Buckley 2 ward is fantastic. They take such good care of us and so many of them really do care about missionary work. Did I tell you I had to say the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting my first Sunday here? It was so terrifying.. but I did it! At least it wasn’t a talk or testimony.. I probably would have passed out because the congregation is HUGE. Seriously, Three different congregations meet in the building that we’re in.It’s SO much easier for you to mail me things I already have than for me to find time to buy new things.. (Uhm.. by the way.. I sort of bought 4 new pair of shoes yesterday at the mall… oops. ;D )I get to go to the temple tomorrow!! HUZZAH! I’m excited. Stoked actually. it’s going to be AWESOME.Ohkay. Seriously, go read the scriptures for real. If you pray before you do it, and you tell Heavenly Father your concerns/questions and ask for a revelatory experience you will have one. It doesn’t even matter where you read. I am SO glad that I have new scriptures. I love them and all of my markings are color coded and it’s amazing. So every time there is a commandment or God asks us to do something, I color it green. Every time He promises us a blessing I color it yellow. There is SO much more yellow and it’s so awesome to see.Also, did you know that 1 Nephi is amazing? I just finished it this morning and seriously EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER (ohkay, except chapter 5 but it’s an awesome chapter too) has coloring in it and I just LOVE it all SO much. Seriously. And I love finding things in the Bible that go perfectly with what’s in the BoM. D&C is also amazing. The church is true man. And the scriptures are God’s word. Read them every day, and pray about them every day. Ohkay? Good.


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