April 14

So this week has gone by incredibly fast. Seriously.. So, Tuesday we had supper with this fun lady, T who is seriously changing her life. She’s awesome. Anyway, she gave us a referral so we went to find the referral and we got in! Her name is S and she is awesome! She’s had a really tough life.. but we really think she’s ready. We have a return appointment and we’re going to try to get someone to come with us. Then we saw some members on base that night and they were like, “Give us all the names of LAs on base and we’ll go find them!” Uhm, ohkay! Because we can’t do anything on base without members. So that’s exciting. We had an awesome Zone Meeting on Wednesday.. And they told us about this awesome video that the church just came out with. So, it’s easter.mormon.org and everyone needs to go watch it, like right now. (Actually mom, if you know how you can put the video in with the blog) So, what’s super awesome about this video is that it’s going to be featured on Youtube for the duration of Easter Sunday. Seriously how awesome is that? The church obviously thinks this video can do something big if they spent that kind of money to take over Youtube for an entire day.. Seriously. This video is amazing, share it everywhere. We’ve been sharing it with everyone and seriously it brings the spirit in so strong every time. Every single person that believes in Jesus Christ can relate to this video.. it’s just awesome. We get to meet with our mission president this week. He does interviews with every missionary in the mission this week. Such a busy man. Seriously, can you imagine how overwhelmed he must feel sometimes? We have about 250 missionaries. That means he has to read 250 emails that he gets from them every week.. and give each one of them advice when they seek him, and he has meetings and trainings and he tries to go out with us, not to mention he has kids he’s still trying to raise. Sheesh.. Anyway. I think that might be it for today.. sorry I didn’t really take any pictures this week. Maybe next week I’ll have some. We’ll see. Hey guess what! Mother’s day is next month!!! I still don’t know if we’ll be allowed to Skype or not.. Apparently something happened over Christmas that’s making the mission pres. indecisive? So lame.. I hate when some dumb person ruins things for everyone. But, such is life. I love y’all and I hope y’all all have a fabulous week! Did I mention that there is a guy in my ward here that served part of his mission in bama? He served in Montevallo, so awesome! Anyway, much love. The church is true, read your scriptures and pray every single day, ohkay? Sister Schuerman


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