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March 10th
I learned how to crochet! This is going to be a potholder. I’m basically SUPER excited about this new-found talent. I love it so much. (:
Mom, I don’t understand why you couldn’t do this.. it’s super simple.. Maybe it’s because an awesome 80ish year old lady didn’t teach you. d:

March 17th
This week, we thought would be a week of miracles. And, it has been in some ways.. but not in the ways we expected. I guess I just need to learn to notice the small things.. like the fact that TWO part member/inactive families CAME TO CHURCH. We have four families now that we’re trying to work with where the husbands are members (not active) and the wives/children aren’t members. These families are amazing and I can just see them headed to the temple in about a year. That awesome woman, Gissel, is still coming to church! We’ve almost got her ‘reactivated’ we just need to get her doing things besides church now. (: And we tracted into this awesome man, J (Catholic) who agreed to read/pray about the BoM and then be baptized if He finds out that it’s true. We’re just hoping that he calls us back really soon so that we can meet with him and the rest of his family. I think my problem is that in my mind it’s only a miracle if he calls us back and we get to teach he and his family and they get baptized.. when I guess in reality.. it’s the invitation and the fact that we actually taught a GOOD LESSON to someone. So, we’re hoping for a good week this week.. so now you may have guessed that… we’re both staying.
I forgot to tell you about last pday! So.. it was Zone Pday and we had a taco party. Apparently it’s some sort of tradition. There was a taco eating contest… and I got fourth place. BY ONE TACO!!! I was so mad. I ate SIXTEEN tacos for NOTHING. We seriously had like two minutes left on the clock and Elder R comes out of NOWHERE and eats two tacos super fast making his total seventeen.. I was so mad. And sick. FOR DAYS. NEVER eat SIXTEEN tacos. NEVER. Hahahah. Elder Davis was determined to beat me so he stayed two ahead of me the whole time (he’s a hoot, we were in the MTC together) and then he got scared by Elder R so he upped his intake and got second place with nineteen tacos. And then Sister freaking M ate TWENTY-THREE tacos. HOW?! I seriously don’t know how she didn’t die. It was all fun and games until I realized what a bad decision it was.. and then our supper appointment took us out to eat… you guessed it! MEXICAN. I wanted to DIE just from the SMELL in that place. Hahahah. It was rough y’all. I did manage a coke and some fantabulous fried ice cream though. So delicious. Mer.. half my email time is gone. I really really really hope that when we get a mew mission president he doesn’t get rid of any of our time. Right now we get two hours and I LOVE getting two hours. Don’t know what I’d do without it. (Send tiny emails, that’s what.) Anyway, we’re supposed to get mini iPads next month! Did I tell you that?!?! And, even crazier is that we get to KEEP THEM. Like take them home with us. How fantastic is that?
I’m super happy for Joseph and Lauren. I’ll be thinking of them when I go to the temple this Wednesday. (: Take a lot of pictures PLEASE. I know Nauvoo is going to be gorgeous. And it’s going to be super lovely seeing Robert and his family. Take pictures of them, too. (:

April 7
Ohkay, can we just talk about how FABULOUS conference was? Oh my heck it was amazing. Terrible news though! T didn’t come! D: I was sooo disappointed. We went to her house in between sessions though, and she was like, “So sorry I didn’t come.. I was looking for it and I couldn’t quite remember where you said it was.” NOOO. We’re SO stupid. Why didn’t we write down the address for her?! Why are we IDIOTS?! Oh well.. there is always next Sunday.. it really stinks though because our District and Zone Leaders are all like, “We want every companionship in our zone to have one baptism in April!” and people have to come to church at least three times in this mission to be baptized.. and neither of our investigators showed up. ): But! I don’t really care, honestly. Because this isn’t about them being baptized.. it’s about the fact that T REALLY needed to hear the talks from the Sunday morning session.. man! But we’re hopefully fingers crossed meeting with her this week and she’ll come next Sunday. She seems legitimately interested. And we met with T and R and it went really well I think. It’s truly amazing how the Lord just sent us there.. and it was when we needed it the most because we STILL haven’t been able to meet with L but his neighbors are golden. It’s great. We also met with T and K a gma and her gson. she was under the impression that Mormons are racist! NOOO. Definitely not!
So, I want everyone that reads this to answer the question, “Who is God to you?” and write it down and mail me a copy of it. And none of this generic easy answer crap.. let’s be real. Who is He to you, personally? I’ll tell you who He is to me once you tell me who He is to you. (:
Also, I hope everyone was listening during that talk about missionary work. Missionaries need members sooo bad. For serious. And PMG is great.. my STL always says it was written on the other side of the veil. I believe her. Study it, use it. Also, we were told to develop christlike attributes.. check out ch. 6. (At least, I think that’s chapter 6.. awk. if I’m wrong.)
I think that’s all for this week though.. It was a good week. I really love being a missionary. It’s hands down the best decision I have ever made. I’m really glad that Heavenly Father was so pushy about me coming out here. I love all y’all and hope to hear from y’all soon. (:
Sister Schuerman


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