Mother’s Day!

Mother Dear, I love you so,

Your happy, smiling face
Is such a joy to look at;
It makes home a lovely place.
Mother dear, I love you so.
Your lovely, shining eyes
Are just like stars that twinkle
Way up in the bright blue skies.
Mother dear, I love you so.
I’ll try the whole day through
To please our Heav’nly Father.
I’m so glad he gave me you


Decipher for non members:  p’day= personal day of the week, LA= Less Active, PM= Partmember family – at least one member of the family is a member, FHE= Family Home Evening = a day set aside to spend time together.  Zone Conference is a meeting of missionaries within a specific area (zone)ImageImage

So on with my week. We had zone pday and it was SO much fun! Baseball bats.. and soda. Yes. You shake the cans up as much as you can then you throw em like a baseball and someone hits them with a bat and they explode. Awesome. It was sooo much fun! You wouldn’t think it would be that much fun- but it was. Hahah. I’m like the only one that somehow didn’t get covered in soda. Seriously, every time I hit it- it just exploded perfectly away from me.. only my ankles got sprayed.
So after that.. we got to have FHE with a member and it was super fun! I love the members here- I could stay in Buckley my whole mission and be just fine. Seriously. And maybe one day I’ll figure out all of the boundaries properly and not accidentally drive out of the zone on a weekly basis.. Oops.. hahah.
We had Zone Meeting on Wednesday and it was really really good. I love zone meeting- and we have Zone Conference this Wednesday- even better! I’m pretty stoked for it. But anyway- we had a great day Wednesday. We were able to teach this awesome investigator M and her two kids T&T. It was great- invited her to be baptized- she’s not sure yet.. but that’s expected because it was only the first lesson.
Thursday was SERVICE. Gosh.. service kills me. Something I’m really going to start working on is having more charity.. because I just don’t have it. I don’t. It’s awful- I know.. But I’ll get better.. I just have to ask for His help- seriously.
Friday we had another STELLAR lesson with a LA/PM family who actually almost isn’t LA anymore! Another baptism invitation extended- and I have hope. They’re progressing awesomely.
Saturday was slightly more sad because we had to make a decision to drop some investigators.. they just aren’t ready yet.. So sad.. but maybe in a few weeks/months we’ll go back and see how they are..
Sunday… Colorado decided to be crazy and it’s snowing again. Seriously. What is this? It was soooo nice- almost hot- for a week+ and then it just started snowing.. and it’s still snowing. But! It’s alright. It’s not that cold.. which is weird but whatever. I guess after the -20s that I experienced upon my arrival helped adjust me for the 33 and snowing that’s going on right now. Hahah. Sunday was great though. Church was all about mothers and that was super sweet- made me super baby hungry… (Oh my gosh! Fun story! We really have to be careful about what we say because not Mormons take stuff like ‘I need to get married- I’m baby hungry’ the wrong way.. Rumor now has it that Mormons eat babies inside of our temples.. seriously?! That’s just wrong.. people are ridiculous. We don’t eat babies people- we love them too much.) So anyway- we got to make ourselves sick off of pie during relief society. hahah. And then SKYPING was crazy and awesome. It was seriously so good to see my mommy and dad! I love y’all so much! I’m almost out of time for today though! I’ll email some pictures here in a bit. It’s been awesome, I love being a missionary. The church is true. Read your scriptures. Love one another. Stay awesome.
Sister Schuerman


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