We a war ‘gainst sin are waging

We’re contending for the right.
Ev’ry day the battle’s raging;
Help us, Lord, to win the fight.
Gather round the standard bearer;
Gather round in strength of youth.
Ev’ry day the prospect’s fairer
While we’re battling for the truth.
You silly cry-er you. d: I’m glad I decided to serve a mission too. It is the best thing ever! I love it. I love every part of it. I just want to make sure I don’t just look like a disciple of Jesus Christ.. I want to BE one. Forever. Not just as a missionary. I have to make sure that everything I’ve become, or want to become, isn’t Sister Schuerman. It has to be Sarah. Because if it’s not really ME, if it’s just a personality that comes on with the name-tag.. then I’ve wasted a year and a half of my life. That’s why I asked you to write down your vision for me. I’d love if you did that on paper so I can read it later. Just your vision of who you want ME to be when I come home. And then if you could also write how you’ve seen ME change already. If you have. And dad can do it too. (: PS This month’s plan is to study ch. 4 from PMG and to fellowship a Less Active (LA) member. Have fun! (:
So.. this week! September 8 2014
I almost don’t think it’s fair how many miracles we’ve been seeing.
Jane and John
So we received a media referral from someone in the trailer park here and we decided to contact it on Sunday.. So we pull up and we get a call from our WML and he asks if we know Jane and John.. I say, “I know of them, but I don’t know them.” he then proceeds to tell us that he knows their daughter, a recent convert, form the ward he was in in Iowa. And the bishop was supposed to be contacting Jane and John about getting them some help (they’re former investigators) and bishop also wanted missionaries to go visit them. So we’re stoked to go see these people.. esp because they live in the trailer park we just pulled up to. Then he tells us the lot #.. same as the media referral. What?! So we go see them and they’re super excited to meet with us! YAY!!!
Sunday morning we get in the car to go to church.. the phone rings. Someone named Polly (complete stranger) wants directions to church! What?! This NEVER happens. Ever. We can’t even get investigators to church, let alone STRANGERS. So we’re freaking out. So dang excited. You have no idea. We met her at church, she sat with us, she has a lot of questions about the BoM she’s been reading (and she’s in Alma 46 by the way!) so she said she’ll call us to set up a time. Right now her fiance’ is recovering from surgery so we’ll see what happens. But seriously, so awesome! When we got home we searched through the area book and found her teaching record. Missionaries found her in May. So awesome.
We basically just have the most legit new investigator ever. Seriously. We were teaching ‘God reveals his gospel in every dispensation’ (3rd principle in lesson 1 of PMG) and she goes, “So, do we have a prophet today?!” HECK YEAH WE DO! Show her the BoM, “Do you want me to start reading this?” YES YES YES YES So legitimate.
Next miracle hits close to home…
I haven’t gotten any mail in over a month. One night I came home to SIX letters AND a package containing TWO more letters and butterbeer! Best night ever! Too bad we were miserable from eating so we couldn’t drink the butterbeer. But soon! Hahah. And… I’m basically all healed! I’ve never gone through the steps of a cold so quickly before. #miracles. I was dead beat and had to come home early one night.. worst missionary ever. And now I’m pretty much all better. Just a lame cough, barely stuffy nose, and a tiny bit of weird voice still. But none of that matters. I still love life. I love being a missionary. I’m so glad I’m happy. It’s the best. I just want other people to be this happy. We met so many people this weekend.. a lot of former investigators. And it’s just so sad. They are all so miserable. And some of them don’t even realize it.. they think it’s normal. It’s not! You can be SO HAPPY! I just want to give them happiness- but I can’t. You can’t force happy on people.
Also, Sister Wilde is a boss awesome missionary. We love being together. Hah, her birthday is Dec 2nd. We’re going to get better at taking more pictures.. sorry. The ones we do have are on her camera. I’ll have to try and get em for ya. But seriously we’re working hard on being better every day. Just trying to save the world. We love it. And why not? I mean, if we don’t, what are we doing here?
Something I learned this week from Sister Mendenhall was when you ask “Why me?” think to yourself, “Why not me?” She was talking to a dying uncle and she asked, “Why you?” and he replied to her, “Why not me?” and that just amazes me. We all need to have that courage when the Lord asks us to do something. Y’know?
I love y’all a ton! Have a marvelous day! Stay awesome. Pray hard. Study hard. Don’t just look like a disciple, be one.
Your Favorite Missionary,
Sister Schuerman

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