April 14

So this week has gone by incredibly fast. Seriously.. So, Tuesday we had supper with this fun lady, T who is seriously changing her life. She’s awesome. Anyway, she gave us a referral so we went to find the referral and we got in! Her name is S and she is awesome! She’s had a really tough life.. but we really think she’s ready. We have a return appointment and we’re going to try to get someone to come with us. Then we saw some members on base that night and they were like, “Give us all the names of LAs on base and we’ll go find them!” Uhm, ohkay! Because we can’t do anything on base without members. So that’s exciting. We had an awesome Zone Meeting on Wednesday.. And they told us about this awesome video that the church just came out with. So, it’s easter.mormon.org and everyone needs to go watch it, like right now. (Actually mom, if you know how you can put the video in with the blog) So, what’s super awesome about this video is that it’s going to be featured on Youtube for the duration of Easter Sunday. Seriously how awesome is that? The church obviously thinks this video can do something big if they spent that kind of money to take over Youtube for an entire day.. Seriously. This video is amazing, share it everywhere. We’ve been sharing it with everyone and seriously it brings the spirit in so strong every time. Every single person that believes in Jesus Christ can relate to this video.. it’s just awesome. We get to meet with our mission president this week. He does interviews with every missionary in the mission this week. Such a busy man. Seriously, can you imagine how overwhelmed he must feel sometimes? We have about 250 missionaries. That means he has to read 250 emails that he gets from them every week.. and give each one of them advice when they seek him, and he has meetings and trainings and he tries to go out with us, not to mention he has kids he’s still trying to raise. Sheesh.. Anyway. I think that might be it for today.. sorry I didn’t really take any pictures this week. Maybe next week I’ll have some. We’ll see. Hey guess what! Mother’s day is next month!!! I still don’t know if we’ll be allowed to Skype or not.. Apparently something happened over Christmas that’s making the mission pres. indecisive? So lame.. I hate when some dumb person ruins things for everyone. But, such is life. I love y’all and I hope y’all all have a fabulous week! Did I mention that there is a guy in my ward here that served part of his mission in bama? He served in Montevallo, so awesome! Anyway, much love. The church is true, read your scriptures and pray every single day, ohkay? Sister Schuerman


Updating Sarahs Blog

March 10th
I learned how to crochet! This is going to be a potholder. I’m basically SUPER excited about this new-found talent. I love it so much. (:
Mom, I don’t understand why you couldn’t do this.. it’s super simple.. Maybe it’s because an awesome 80ish year old lady didn’t teach you. d:

March 17th
This week, we thought would be a week of miracles. And, it has been in some ways.. but not in the ways we expected. I guess I just need to learn to notice the small things.. like the fact that TWO part member/inactive families CAME TO CHURCH. We have four families now that we’re trying to work with where the husbands are members (not active) and the wives/children aren’t members. These families are amazing and I can just see them headed to the temple in about a year. That awesome woman, Gissel, is still coming to church! We’ve almost got her ‘reactivated’ we just need to get her doing things besides church now. (: And we tracted into this awesome man, J (Catholic) who agreed to read/pray about the BoM and then be baptized if He finds out that it’s true. We’re just hoping that he calls us back really soon so that we can meet with him and the rest of his family. I think my problem is that in my mind it’s only a miracle if he calls us back and we get to teach he and his family and they get baptized.. when I guess in reality.. it’s the invitation and the fact that we actually taught a GOOD LESSON to someone. So, we’re hoping for a good week this week.. so now you may have guessed that… we’re both staying.
I forgot to tell you about last pday! So.. it was Zone Pday and we had a taco party. Apparently it’s some sort of tradition. There was a taco eating contest… and I got fourth place. BY ONE TACO!!! I was so mad. I ate SIXTEEN tacos for NOTHING. We seriously had like two minutes left on the clock and Elder R comes out of NOWHERE and eats two tacos super fast making his total seventeen.. I was so mad. And sick. FOR DAYS. NEVER eat SIXTEEN tacos. NEVER. Hahahah. Elder Davis was determined to beat me so he stayed two ahead of me the whole time (he’s a hoot, we were in the MTC together) and then he got scared by Elder R so he upped his intake and got second place with nineteen tacos. And then Sister freaking M ate TWENTY-THREE tacos. HOW?! I seriously don’t know how she didn’t die. It was all fun and games until I realized what a bad decision it was.. and then our supper appointment took us out to eat… you guessed it! MEXICAN. I wanted to DIE just from the SMELL in that place. Hahahah. It was rough y’all. I did manage a coke and some fantabulous fried ice cream though. So delicious. Mer.. half my email time is gone. I really really really hope that when we get a mew mission president he doesn’t get rid of any of our time. Right now we get two hours and I LOVE getting two hours. Don’t know what I’d do without it. (Send tiny emails, that’s what.) Anyway, we’re supposed to get mini iPads next month! Did I tell you that?!?! And, even crazier is that we get to KEEP THEM. Like take them home with us. How fantastic is that?
I’m super happy for Joseph and Lauren. I’ll be thinking of them when I go to the temple this Wednesday. (: Take a lot of pictures PLEASE. I know Nauvoo is going to be gorgeous. And it’s going to be super lovely seeing Robert and his family. Take pictures of them, too. (:

April 7
Ohkay, can we just talk about how FABULOUS conference was? Oh my heck it was amazing. Terrible news though! T didn’t come! D: I was sooo disappointed. We went to her house in between sessions though, and she was like, “So sorry I didn’t come.. I was looking for it and I couldn’t quite remember where you said it was.” NOOO. We’re SO stupid. Why didn’t we write down the address for her?! Why are we IDIOTS?! Oh well.. there is always next Sunday.. it really stinks though because our District and Zone Leaders are all like, “We want every companionship in our zone to have one baptism in April!” and people have to come to church at least three times in this mission to be baptized.. and neither of our investigators showed up. ): But! I don’t really care, honestly. Because this isn’t about them being baptized.. it’s about the fact that T REALLY needed to hear the talks from the Sunday morning session.. man! But we’re hopefully fingers crossed meeting with her this week and she’ll come next Sunday. She seems legitimately interested. And we met with T and R and it went really well I think. It’s truly amazing how the Lord just sent us there.. and it was when we needed it the most because we STILL haven’t been able to meet with L but his neighbors are golden. It’s great. We also met with T and K a gma and her gson. she was under the impression that Mormons are racist! NOOO. Definitely not!
So, I want everyone that reads this to answer the question, “Who is God to you?” and write it down and mail me a copy of it. And none of this generic easy answer crap.. let’s be real. Who is He to you, personally? I’ll tell you who He is to me once you tell me who He is to you. (:
Also, I hope everyone was listening during that talk about missionary work. Missionaries need members sooo bad. For serious. And PMG is great.. my STL always says it was written on the other side of the veil. I believe her. Study it, use it. Also, we were told to develop christlike attributes.. check out ch. 6. (At least, I think that’s chapter 6.. awk. if I’m wrong.)
I think that’s all for this week though.. It was a good week. I really love being a missionary. It’s hands down the best decision I have ever made. I’m really glad that Heavenly Father was so pushy about me coming out here. I love all y’all and hope to hear from y’all soon. (:
Sister Schuerman

February 18th

Hello All!
This past week has been SO busy–We had zone conference and it was awesome. Plus I got to see Sister A and Sister H. Super spiritually awesome. And the Elders that share the area with us ( and B) won the award for the dirtiest car! SO not surprised. They’re a hoot though.–We had exchanges = AMAZING. I went with Sister H to the Green Valley ward and it was such an amazing experience. She’s a Sister Training Leader for a reason and that reason is because she’s wonderful. Seriously. She helped me SO much and I really know why I’m in Buckley with Sister W now.We had a follow up training meeting and guess what! I got to see Sister A, Sister H, Sister W, Sister M, Sister S, and Elder D! (I met all of them in the MTC and I LOVE them because they’re AWESOME.)  And Sis. A, H and I went to Chipotle’ (sort of like Moe’s) with our companions and we found an investigator while there because we’re legit like that.We had a baptism! M got baptized and the spirit was SO strong!Sunday we actually got to stay for all of church and it was super great. The saddest part about Sunday’s though is when you go and the Less Actives and Investigators you invite aren’t there. Gosh, it’s the worst. We know that they know that they need to be at church… I just wish I knew what was REALLY the problem.So it was a really busy week, I LOVE Colorado so much! The Lord knows me better than I know myself, who would’ve thought? d; Seriously though. The Buckley 2 ward is fantastic. They take such good care of us and so many of them really do care about missionary work. Did I tell you I had to say the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting my first Sunday here? It was so terrifying.. but I did it! At least it wasn’t a talk or testimony.. I probably would have passed out because the congregation is HUGE. Seriously, Three different congregations meet in the building that we’re in.It’s SO much easier for you to mail me things I already have than for me to find time to buy new things.. (Uhm.. by the way.. I sort of bought 4 new pair of shoes yesterday at the mall… oops. ;D )I get to go to the temple tomorrow!! HUZZAH! I’m excited. Stoked actually. it’s going to be AWESOME.Ohkay. Seriously, go read the scriptures for real. If you pray before you do it, and you tell Heavenly Father your concerns/questions and ask for a revelatory experience you will have one. It doesn’t even matter where you read. I am SO glad that I have new scriptures. I love them and all of my markings are color coded and it’s amazing. So every time there is a commandment or God asks us to do something, I color it green. Every time He promises us a blessing I color it yellow. There is SO much more yellow and it’s so awesome to see.Also, did you know that 1 Nephi is amazing? I just finished it this morning and seriously EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER (ohkay, except chapter 5 but it’s an awesome chapter too) has coloring in it and I just LOVE it all SO much. Seriously. And I love finding things in the Bible that go perfectly with what’s in the BoM. D&C is also amazing. The church is true man. And the scriptures are God’s word. Read them every day, and pray about them every day. Ohkay? Good.

Not Complaining!

Originally posted on Sister in Denver:
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Not Complaining!

So, at first I thought I liked this whole members feeding us thing.. so much food though. So Sunday we only had sacrament meeting because a pipe burst and it had to be fixed.. so this family invited us over for crepes and my dumb self ate like 3 huge crepes.. Then we went to our Ward Mission Leader’s house for correlation where they fed us quesadillas and enchiladas. Then we went somewhere for supper and they fed us breakfast burritos. And I was super sick so I had 0 appetite left by lunch time.  I had to have them wrap up my dessert. I felt so bad.. hahah. And today we get 2 suppers.. Hahahah.

It’s finally started to warm up a bit. It got up in the 40s and it was AMAZING. Seriously. Short sleeve shirt and I was loving it. Today isn’t too bad either. So great.

Before I forget, anything has to be priority. If you order stuff online it’ll be fedex or something and they can’t forward that to my address and because I live with members I’m not allowed to give you the address.. not that I know it anyway. So yeah. You should just send me my old GPS with whatever else or I guess I can just buy one when I need one. Maybe I’ll do that. Just whatever  you want.

Guess what I did this week! I invited this awesome kid to be baptized and he said yes! So March 1st is the plan and we also have a baptism this weekend for an older Spanish lady, Martha (marta?). Almost everything we do is less active work. We’re meeting with these 2 amazing women who are divorced and raising their kids and we’re trying to get them to church. Last night was a really good singles thing and they both came. Yay. One of them reminds me so much of Jeanette and I love her. Her daughters are absolutely adorable too. Everyone here reminds me of someone I know, it’s crazy.

Gosh, I feel like I have nothing to write about… This is what happens when Sister Schuerman makes a goal not to complain. hahahah. Oh my gosh. I’ve gained almost 5 pounds.  I guess it’s what happens when members feed you a butt ton of food and you’re too tired and sick to actually use your 30 minutes to work out in the morning.. You’d be pretty proud of me though, I’ve done really well at managing to work out, eat, and get ready on time. I’m actually super impressed with myself. d:

We did a lot of service this week. We helped move 2 different families, helped a lady (her name is —-) rearrange her house some so that it’s “her house” instead of “their house”. Helps her get over her ex.. I feel so bad for her.. he never went back to the temple after they were sealed. How do people do that?! Gosh it’s so sad. Anyway though, we also go to this Crisis Center and volunteer. We’re supposed to do 10 hours of community service a week. We had… 8 missionaries there last time I think. It was awesome. This lady, Mama — (she has the thickest Louisiana accent!!!) runs most of it. She had the elders make like 250 PB&J sandwiches while Sis. W and I organized and cleaned out some of the pantries so she actually knew what food she has. We’re going back there tomorrow. (: It’s so sad seeing these people… but like, gah they’re so unappreciative. They complain because Mama D— doesn’t give them enough meat and real food.. uhm at least she gives you a warm place to sleep and you’re not in the -20 degree weather freezing your butt off? And you have food! It puts things into perspective for me, too. Because I know I complain a lot.. and I have no right to complain. How dare I complain that the members feed us too much. Why on earth would I complain about blessings? So I really loved going there because it was a really humbling experience for me and sort of a reality check. I’m looking forward to going back, really makes me thankful for what I have and it helps me complain a lot less.

Something else I have started doing is reading my patriarchal blessing and my mission call during my study time. I LOVE STUDY TIME. I have never loved my scriptures so much and I seriously can’t get enough of them. When my hour is up I get so sad because it’s just not enough time for me. Read your scriptures, the right way, and you’ll never want to put them down. I promise. Pray first, if you have questions or if something is bothering you, write it down. Then pray, just pray and ask Him to open your mind, your heart, to speak to you and to help you understand what you read. The scriptures are FULL of great stuff. They are literally full of God’s words and I promise your answers are in there. And it doesn’t even matter where you read. I started at the beginning of the BoM and it’s been awesome. I skip around some too though. I use the references at the bottom and sometimes I go where I feel the Lord wants me to. I found a few super powerful verses I want to share… Luke 22:32 “…and when thou art converted, strenghten thy brethren.” We can’t go out and share this message unless we ourselves have been converted. You are the most important convert on your mission because you can’t share what you don’t first have. And that took me to Doctrine and Covenants (we aren’t supposed to say D&C) 108:7. So I read that and then I basically read from the bottom up because I kept wanted to know what gave Lyman that power. Then I put my name in, “My servant Sister Schuerman…” and so when I shared this awesome section in Comp Study Sis. W pointed out that Lyman’s last name was Sherman and I died inside. The end. 

Also, Doctrine and Covenants 38:7. I read that and it reminded me of the primary song, “If the Savior Stood Beside Me” and it just made me really happy and brought a lot of peace to me. This morning my peace came from 1 Nephi 17:9. Well, really chapters 16-17 but that verse made me realize what I needed. Nephi didn’t pray to have his troubles magically taken away. He prayed for the strength to overcome his problems.

I also need to stop praying and begging to not be sick anymore because obviously it’s the Lord’s will that I’m sick so I guess I should pray for strength to suck it up. Last night Bishop talked at the single’s thing and he said something about not being disappointed in the wrong things and then he said that we need to show our Heavenly Father how we will deal with disappointment.

We need to prove to him, and mostly ourselves, that we can overcome, that we can be strong, and that we do deserve His blessings because we will be faithful no matter how hard it is. And then I read in 1 Nephi as well… something along the lines of, “the guilty taketh the truth to be hard..” and I thought, “it’s not hard if we do it for the love of God. If we decide to obey Him because we LOVE Him, it’s not going to be hard because he’s going to help us. The only reason it’s hard not to watch bad movies is because the natural man wants to and we really want to. We don’t want to follow His commandment, we just do it because we know we should. When we really have a desire to do it because we love Him, it won’t be hard anymore because He will help us.

Also, finish these statements please…

“I’m happy the gospel is in my life because…”
“I feel this way because…”


Mom, I love you. When I read that you felt like I was calling out to you, I just wanted to cry. Because I have been. I know the Lord hears and answers prayers and he has been my comforting arm this week when you haven’t been able to be that for me. I know you’re praying for me, and I know I couldn’t have made it this far without those prayers. Keep them coming, please.

Colorado is beautiful. Sometimes when i’m driving around I get really distracted by the beauty and I just dream about coming back here when I’m not a missionary and being able to really enjoy the mountains and whatnot. I think I’d actually love to live in Colorado. It’s legit beautiful. And the cold wouldn’t be that bad if I could wear pants. hahahah. d: Anyway though. I do have other people to write still.. I love y’all so much! Have a great week!


Sister Schuerman

I am enjoying being a missionary! Learning and growing SO much! I love when we actually get to serve people and teach them about their savior! Yes, it’s hard. But it is SO worth it.

Not sure if that came across in the last email, so this is just a little add on to clarfily.

Gotta go now! ):

I love y’all, and miss y’all.

Helaman will be in my prayers… I’m super worried about that little guy.. ):

Almost everyone here has dogs, it’s bittersweet. Hahah.


Sister Schuerman

1st email from Sarah

I’m the District Leader and it’s part of my job to check the mail and pass it out.. So everyone in my district got something except me.
I love my district, we’re an all sister district and I LOVE not having to deal with Elders. Gym and meal times are already about all I can handle of these 18 year old boys. Sheesh. I really hope they do some serious maturing in here. That time we were told, “The gospel is true or 19 year old boys would have messed it up by now.” trying 18 year old boys. Oh my goodness. But I found something awesome in our Book of Mormon read that we had. It was 1 Nephi.. maybe verse.. 11ish? We didn’t get very far because we discussed everything and revelation was just flowing. One of my questions before we started was, “Did Terry get ANYTHING at all from our lesson?” because I felt like it was a huge failure. And then that verse said something along the lines of God loving his children and if they come to them they won’t perish. And the spirit just told me straight up, “Sister Schuerman. Heavenly Father loves Terry to much to let you ruin his life. He’s not going to let you get in the way of his salvation. He was touched from the lesson.” and that was so comforting. Just to know that the He does love Terry and that I can’t screw that up. It was super funny though because Brother M told me that before I went in there.. it’s just something about the Spirit telling you that that makes you believe it more than when a teacher tells you that. Hahah.
So, when people tell you that a mission is hard… it’s something that you can’t understand until you’re a missionary. I have never in my life gone through anything this difficult. Days in the MTC seriously feel like a week. I don’t even know how to handle how tired I am ALL of the time. Sister Anderson is my companion and we’re perfect for each other. Our teachers are AMAZING. I seriously love them so much. They’re all a bunch of RMs and they go to BYU. They are seriously like the sweetest Brothers ever. They’re perfect for us. Sister Anderson and I are teaching Terry and our first real lesson with him was yesterday morning… it was so bad. So bad. I have never felt so unworthy and overall not prepared for missionary work in my life. I actually thought about coming home. Yesterday was SO hard. I have never cried so much in my entire life. I promise. But one of our teachers, Brother Bryan pulled each of us out for a 1 on 1 and he helped so much. Seriously amazing. I know this is where I need to be and I’m so happy here.
I have been so humbled here. We pray so much. All of the time. And I have never experienced revelation like I have here. It’s crazy amazing. Last night Sister Anderson and I were able to finally have a good companionship study and we were able to plan a lesson that was, completely inspired, for Terry and we were SO happy! Like we really feel prepared and have faith that our next lesson is going to rock his world. He’s in his mid-thirties and he just got out of prison. Yeah. He doesn’t even know who Christ really is so it’s like teaching a 36 year old primary person. So weird. We get a second investigator on Monday too.
So now I’m going to rewind a little bit to the first full day here.. Thursday? That feels like weeks ago, seriously. So I named that day, “Leave it to Sister Schuerman” day. I lost my ID card, had to buy a replacement, then I didn’t bring a pen, journal, or PMG to a meeting, then I found my ID card, then I took the wrong ID card to the cafeteria and I couldn’t use it so Sis. Anderson and I had to go back to the room to get my other card.. Then I forgot to take my wallet to the bookstore so I had to bum off of Sister Horgisheimer for 10 bucks and somehow I got chosen to be District Leader after meeting the Branch Presidency. What a day that was. I came to the conclusion the ‘A heavy purse is a happy purse’ and my shoulder was actually sore from carrying my bag. Days here really are so busy, I don’t have time to think about anything other than being a missionary. Also, wearing pants is almost weird now. OH! So when we got here we were talked to and the President’s wife said to make sure we call each other Sisters and Elders because “Guys are at home dating your girlfriends” and we cracked up so much. I met another Sister from Alabama! I was so surprised. 1/2 of my district is going to my mission and the other 1/2 is going to Tacoma, WA. I’ve actually met 4 other Sisters from a different district going to my mission as well so that’s exciting.
Today we get to go to the temple and I’m super excited.
Gym is fun though. Volleyball is so much more fun at the MTC than at YSA back home. No one argues and fights and no one keeps score. We all just suck together and it’s ohkay! hahahah. I learned out to play four-square yesterday, too, and it was fun. I really don’t feel like getting my camera out to send pictures. Sorry. But, quite frankly y’all don’t even deserve them after the loneliness y’all made me feel yesterday and today..
I’m super excited for tomorrow. Nervous about Branch Council though. I’m the first Sister District Leader that my Branch Pres has had and he’s been here for 3 1/2 years. And next Sunday I’ll have to train an Elder how to be one, I haven’t even been trained yet. Being called Sister Schuerman is probably the weirdest part of this whole experience though. I guess I’ll get used to it though.
Well.. I guess that’s about it. I don’t really know what else to write. I got my flight info and we have to be at the travel office at 3:30 AM on the 3rd. Ugh. ):
I forgot my punny joke! Empty Sea = MTC. Teheheh. d; This place is anything but empty. 350+ on main campus (where I am) and then 200+ more on West Campus the Wednesday I got here. We met the.. something important from Czech Republic and that was neat.
Love Sister Schuerman

In our defense: We had no idea she would be able to email so soon; and I forgot her email address. I have it know and she will not feel lonely anymore. If anything, she will say ok once a week will do. 🙂 Carla Schuerman

Alright Y’all

In 21 days I’ll be flying from Alabama to Provo, UT and then to Denver, CO. Whoah! I still can’t believe that I’m going to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am so excited! My mom will be keeping up the blog for me while I’m gone, hopefully.
For now I’m doing all that I can to prepare myself for the mission: studying Preach My Gospel, reading my scriptures, exercising, going out with the sisters nearish to me, shopping, and making that ‘Early to bed, Early to rise’ thing a reality.

My biggest concerns are:
Is anyone, besides my boyfriend, going to write me?
Is the MTC really that scary?
Can I seriously fit everything into a few suitcases?
How are they going to react to my “accent” over there?

Is my trainer going to be awesome?
Am I actually going to freeze my butt off? (I think, yes.)